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Real-Time Mental Fatigue Management System For Esports

Start managing fatigue to avoid negative impact on performance and improve your team's results and skills.

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Product Features
Mental Fatigue Detection

Fatigue Detection

Continuously track your players' mental fatigue and prevent performance drops.

Skills Analysis

Skills Analysis

Truly know your players and get the best they can do for the team.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Some players with poor performance? Check out their stress level, sleep quality and more.

Team Management

Team Management

As a coach / team manager you can create teams, add players and monitor them.


Increase your team's performance

By monitoring your team's fatigue levels you can prevent performance drops and potential burnout. Always keep your players mentally fresh, increasing their performance in crucial moments.

Keep tracking your players' biometrics

By analyzing how the player interacts with the computer, it is possible to create a user profile based on the player's interaction patterns and analyze gaming skills.

Bio Analysis
Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills profile for each player

By analyzing data from cognitive tests such as attention, reaction time or visual tracking, it is possible to identify the behaviors, strengths and weaknesses of each player. Keep tracking your players's evolution through time.

Wearables Integration

Integrating wearables with Performetric you can reach a whole new level of fatigue / performance management.


Stress Analysis

Stress can cause significant damage on our body through time. Protect your players.

Sleep Summary

A good night of sleep will significantly increase your players' performance.

Physical Activity

Physical activity improves mental health, reducing mental fatigue and stress.

Heart Rate

Track your players' heart rate, know when they'll lose their nerve, and prepare them.